Similarities to 2011 --- Really

At this point in 2011, most everyone in tornado meteorology was thinking it was going to be a slow tornado season. Little did we know the horror that was to begin in April with more than 500 deaths to follow.

I'm starting to get concerned there may be some similarities to 2011 with a rough season starting in April. I think we have about another week to ten days of 'winter' and I believe may see a major pattern change at that time.

Will 2014 be like 2011? I certainly hope not. But, if it does, I do not want you to be unprepared. For $2.99, this is the best quick read on the subject of what can go wrong and how to make sure it does not happen to your family.  Available at Amazon (the link) and B&N via ebook.


  1. What are you seeing in the models/teleconnections that indicate a "major pattern change" in April? Will this be indicative of a long term pattern change or a brief one like we experienced in February?

  2. Brian,
    Good question. There is no doubt (at least in my mind) there will be a pattern change in early April. The question is its duration. I'll post more this evening. Glad you asked.


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