Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Too Cold to Snow?" No!

I sometimes get asked if it can be too cold to snow. The answer is no. Here is the Wichita NWS radar and you can see lots of snow in Kansas and northern Oklahoma. There are reports that I-35 is in bad shape near the south end of the Kansas Turnpike and across northern Oklahoma.
It is a snow day tomorrow for both Wichita Public and Parochial Schools.

Oh, and by the way, the 9pm temperature at the Smith House? 3°F with visibility 1 ¾ miles with light snow.

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  1. You may get those questions from your east coast readers as, outside of the "lake effect snows", the major coastal storms have easterly winds blowing on top of entrenched cold air for their snow. Most of the times out there heavy snows occur when temps are in the 20s. Here in Denver we do get (light) snow when temps are at or below zero if we have an Arctic airmass and sufficient atmospheric forcing. Yesterday we didn't have forcing - we had fog and temps of +17F - aka freezing fog.


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