Another Happy Reader!

The following was posted on the Warnings Facebook page by Debra Wallace Karina and it is used here with permission:

Mike, we brought my Mom here from Chicago so she could get out of the weather there and get better after a bad fall and hospital stay. While she is recouping here in KS, she took a look at all my books in the bookcase in my living room. She found your book after checking out some others books I have, and then she spent a lot of time reading it. Then she said that she really loved your book ( Warnings) and all the content was very interesting too. I wanted to share this with you. She said you were a great author! 

This is an especially good time to read Warnings. Tornado season is beginning, it will likely be an active hurricane season, and this summer makes a major two-decade milestone in aviation safety. All of this will be more meaningful if you have read this 5-Star book.


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