Saturday, March 15, 2014

Big Environment Running on Fumes

From Discover magazine,
Of course, if I were an environmental group, my first goal would be saving the environment rather than diversity but I think that highlights the problem: The environment has been cleaned up!

The photo below (I can't find the name of the original photographer) is of the Cuyahoga River burning in 1969. That's right, the river itself was burning due to the pollution in the water!
Compared to where we were from the '40's to '60's, the U.S. lives in an environmental paradise. There aren't many genuine problems left.

Add that Big Environment thinks the way to increase its popularity is to call people "deniers" and it is no wonder they are losing members right and left.

Is there a role for environmental watchdogs? Yes. But, most of them have lost their way.

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