Electrical Grid Vulnerability: Two Important Stories

Both stories out today:
From Breitbart News.

From the Wall Street Journal

It is time that U.S. society stop worrying about global warming, installing wind turbines, and other nonsense and start dealing with this huge threat to civilization. Yes, civilization. 

For four years, this blog has been writing about Carrington Events, EMT, and other threats not just to electrical convenience (i.e., power out for three hours) but for years. With the planned attack on the electrical substation in California several months ago it is suddenly becoming obvious the U.S. grid is hugely vulnerable. And, wind power makes is more vulnerable rather than less (because wind is not a stable source of power and because of the frequent mechanical issues with the turbines).

In my posting (see below) about the Gallup survey of issues, this doesn't even make the list. It needs to be near the top!


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