Monday, September 16, 2013

Colorado Headline This Morning

From the Denver Post this morning: 

A list of closed highways and roads is here.

More than 10,000 19,000 homes are damaged or destroyed. Details here. As a basis for comparison, seven thousand were destroyed in the giant Joplin tornado. Homeowners insurance covered those but does not cover flooding. It is unknown how many Coloradoans had flood insurance but my guess is that is was relatively low. Thus, an economic catastrophe awaits.

The death toll is officially six. But, given the rising number of missing, I expect the total number of deaths to be in the double digits.

The good news is the five-day rainfall amount forecast is for only light rains in the flood-stricken area:

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  1. The 7 day precip totals are here:

    Some of these rain totals are truly amazing.

    The other issue is winter is coming. Snow usually starts falling in Colorado this month, especially in the foothills.


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