Abolish the TSA

This blog attempts to assist people with assessing and mitigating the risks we encounter in the world. This editorial from the Las Vegas Review-Journal makes a tremendous amount of sense:

The TSA should go a lot further. So far, in fact, that the agency shuts down.
It is beyond insane that TSA employees still pull aside grandfathers in wheelchairs, mothers with infants, and small children for pat-downs when no one with those profiles has ever carried out an act of terrorism on an airplane. This outrage will continue under the TSA’s new process. The idea that only 25 to 30 percent of daily airline passengers are low security risks is preposterous. A more accurate figure is 99.9999999 percent.
The TSA might be the least-effective agency in the federal government — and that’s saying something. The agency sucks about $8 billion per year out of the economy to cover payroll and overhead, then consumes billions more through lost productivity and lost ticket sales; countless Americans refuse to fly because they won’t allow the TSA to humiliate them.

Agree 100%.

The TSA has done one good thing which is the inspection of checked luggage. That would continue in my suggested way forward. Otherwise, we would go back to private contractors (So we can stop the charade that the TSA is law enforcement. It is not) with the level of security we had before September 11th. No silly liquid ban, no taking off shoes, etc.

If you agree, write your congressional delegation. I have.


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