BuzzFeed: Al Gore's Climate Failure

"Al Gore’s Incredible Shrinking Climate Change Footprint

The former vice president set out to create the Apple Computer of climate change — but instead he’s running the Microsoft."

The above is cut-and-pasted from BuzzFeed. The BuzzFeed Politics article discusses how Gore's efforts have shrunk into a tiny fraction of its 2009 peak. But, the article does not answer the logical question, "what changed in 2009?" The answer is: Climategate! Why didn't they mention it?

To this day, the 'leaders' of the catastrophic global warming clique continue their "move on, nothing to see here" attitude toward Climategate. But, Climategate demonstrated the dishonesty, cynicism, and the intentional corruption of the peer-review system conducted by this group. The public is a lot smarter than these people give them credit for.

Plus, the level of Gore's personal hypocrisy was breath-taking: Private jets, multiple mansions, yacht, etc. Hardly the behavior of someone who truly believed global warming was a crisis. Thus, political support for strong action collapsed.

Hat tip: Anthony Watts.


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