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We write articles and books about weather and mitigating the risks of extreme weather and climate. Our books include:
Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather is the story of heroic scientists beating the odds to create the unique storm warning system enjoyed by the people of the United States. The warning system saves -- literally -- thousands of lives every year. The book has a full 5-Star rating at Amazon. The professional reviews have been glowing:
When it comes to non-fiction, you get any better than that comparison (click to read full review).

When the Sirens Were Silent is the story why so many unnecessarily lost their lives in the 2011 Joplin tornado, as told from the survivors' as well as a non-technical yet scientific point of view. My goal in writing Sirens was to make sure this never happens again.

"Great work! Its informative and entertaining. I was anxious while reading it and I had to continue to remind myself that I already knew the outcome. --Jaime Green, Joplin tornado survivor.

The paperback version has been sold out for months. However, the ebook was intentionally priced at the very reasonable rate of $2.99 so as many benefit as possible. You do not need a Kindle or Nook (it is in both formats) to read the ebook, you can use the (free) online Amazon reader which has the same functionality as a Kindle.

To inquire about presentations or writing, please contact Ms. Mindy Cook: mindy at mike smith enterprises dot com or (316) 204-9969.


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