Colorado Floods: Boulder "Daily Camera" Online Front Page

This is the current headline:
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This is a very serious situation as rain continues to fall in the region.

Let's begin with the rainfall that has fallen since 6am to 10am MDT, which is the latest data available. More rain has fallen since this time!

Here is the rainfall for the four days ending at 6am MDT this morning. More than eight inches fell around Boulder:

Moderate to occasionally heavy rains continue to fall. They are moving from south to north. Radar is from 11:51am MDT:

And, here is the amount of rainfall forecast to fall from 10am to 3am MDT. If you are having trouble reading it, the forecast is for 1 to 2.5 inches in the areas where the flooding has occurred and just to the north near and west of Ft. Collins.
Dr. Ryan Maue
Photos sent via Facebook and Twitter in the last 15 minutes.
Near Highway 34
Peak to Peak Highway


  1. The Highway 34 picture reminded me of the great Big Thompson Canyon flood of 1976. 139 people killed. Here is a link to a history of that horrible event:

  2. Richard, thanks for the comment. Here is my coverage of the Big Thompson Flood:


  3. Any information on where the Peak-to-Peak Highway photo was taken? I've been trying to determine the location with Google Street View, with no luck so far.


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