Monday, February 18, 2013

Winter Storm Central U.S.

A major winter storm will bring much-needed moisture to the central U.S. the middle of this week.

Unfortunately, there may be some freezing rain in the southern part of the winter precipitation zone. This is the probability of a tenth of an inch or more of freezing rain (glaze ice) between Wednesday night and 6pm Thursday.

Here is the probability of two inches or more of snow from 6pm Tuesday to 6pm Thursday (same scale in all three probability graphics):

And, here is the probability of eight inches or more:
This information should be carefully factored in if you are planning to travel in this region.

And, here is the moisture outlook for the next seven days. This moisture is desperately needed in most all areas west of the Mississippi. Too much rain may fall from southeast Louisiana to northern Georgia and western South Carolina. Atlanta is forecast to receive six inches of rain.
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Here is the amount of moisture -- above the normal -- needed to break the drought.
Of course, I'll be continuing to monitor this storm as it develops.

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