Sunday, February 17, 2013

No More "Sirens" Orders, Please

Thank you for your support of When the Sirens Were Silent. Amazon has received its last shipment of the soft cover version and when those are sold, the book will be declared out-of-print.
We mailed the last of the direct sales from Mike Smith Enterprises yesterday.

Of course, the Nook and Kindle versions will continue for sale indefinitely.

Sirens was written because I believed the residents of Joplin deserved to learn what really went wrong with the warning system during the catastrophic May 22, 2011, tornado. The research I did for the book resulted in scientific presentations at the National Weather Association's and American Meteorological Society's national meetings and at local AMS chapter meetings in Wichita and Ft. Worth. Those research results spurred vigorous discussions about the warning system and how things could be done better next time which is exactly the result I had hoped for.

To all Sirens readers, thank you for the compliments and excellent reviews. I'm gratified that we sold out in less than a year; that exceeded my expectations.


  1. I read the Kindle version and learned a lot I did not know about the event. Good book. I read your blog daily as well. Keep up the good work.


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