Monday, February 4, 2013

Karen Carpenter

Drawing by Chris Tassin
I just saw that today is the 30th anniversary of the passing of Karen Carpenter. I had an extended opportunity to meet and interview her in February, 1971, in Tulsa. She was absolutely delightful to a 19-year old who had been assigned to cover their concert for the University of Oklahoma radio station. Her brother, Richard, was also polite and helpful.

Karen had the voice of an angel. Their Christmas album is my favorite of that genre and I play it every holiday season.

She passed away far too soon.

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  1. Wow-30 years ago-that's an eye-opener. Thanks for sharing, Mike.

    Anorexia is such a sad and cruel consequence of our image-crazed society. Yet, obesity is currently even more deadly. When we were kids, we were outside all the time and rode our bikes, swam, and played kickball or sandlot baseball. In the winter, we improvised sleds or ice skated or built snow forts. We were NOT inside glued to a TV or a computer.

    I have personally witnessed my youngest, in college, 21 years old, sitting on his duff, exercising his THUMBS while playing a violent video game where they shoot and kill people which increases your sore and you win the game!

    Clayton gets great grades, is a good kid (you met him a long time ago and watched him play baseball), yet he argues tooth and nail that the violent video games he is exposed to every day are not having any impact on him as a person. He respects 2nd amendment rights and believes using firearms for hunting and personal protection if threatened is OK and GUARANTEED by the constitution.

    I am NOT buying that the violent video games aren't numbing his brain to violence. It is hard to find a show on prime time that isn't sexually explicit, violent, or both.

    Thanks for letting me rant. As a parent, I am really scared. Our kids have been raised with a moral compass by two parents MARRIED and committed to each other. Unfortunately, that role model and value grid is no longer the norm.


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