Friday, February 8, 2013

Double Blizzard Threat

I don't think I have seen this before: Forecasts of two separate blizzards in the eastern half of the United States at the same time.  

Northeast Blizzard

I have annotated "heavy snow" over southwest Ontario because a foot to as much as 18" inches will fall in that area but the U.S. National Weather Service obviously does not forecast for Canada.

The blizzard warning (orange) has been extended for the entire coast of Maine and extends to New York City. Pink is a winter storm warning and blue is a lesser condition known as a winter weather advisory.  
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AccuWeather Regional Radar (above) shows, at 7:25, that snow has already begun to fall in NYC and the Connecticut coast. The temperature in NYC is still above freezing but will fall during the day. Philadelphia already reports average flight delays of an hour and a half. 

Snow is also falling from Detroit and the thumb of Michigan across southwest Ontario and into Upstate New York. 

When the heavy rain that now extends from Baltimore south to the North Carolina border moves into the colder air farther north and changes to snow later today, travel will become virtually impossible. 

The snow amounts and precautionary information in the postings below still look good. Consider each of the following:

  • Get plenty of cash from an ATM -- in a disaster cash is king,
  • Fill your car's gas tank, 
  • Get an inexpensive power inverter (Lowes, Radio Shack, and others have them so you can keep you cell phone    charged from your car with that full tank of gas), 
  • Get essential foods and medicines. 
  • If you need to care for an infirm relative, move him/her before the snow begins.  

  • Northern Plains Blizzard Threat
    The areas in light green are blizzard watches. Pink is winter storm warnings. And the greenish blue areas are under winter storm watches. 

    Here is the probability of 4" or more during the 48 hours starting at 6am Saturday:

    Here is the probability of 8" or more during the 48 hours starting at 6am Saturday:

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