Monday, November 5, 2012

The Nor'Easter: Get Ready

Addition: 4:30pm EDT. The NWS has upped its forecast for peak gusts in the NYC area to 65 mph! See map below for additional info.

Original Posting:

I'm really sorry to report this. High wind and coastal flooding watches are being issued in the Northeast as I write these words. The latest information is that an intensifying low is going to cause winds to gust into the 45-55 mph range forcing water inland in places where the coastal berms were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

Here are the predicted rainfall amounts:

And, it looks more and more like inland snow:

Here is my interpretation of the probabilities of 2 to 4"

and, the probabilities of 4 to 6 inches.

This storm is going to cause a significant delay to power restoration efforts as well as other recovery efforts for Sandy. While all of the details are not yet clear, I recommend that people throughout the area be prepared for a moderate to major Nor'easter. There is a list of preparatory items at the end of this posting (scroll down).

AccuWeather has a great briefing, including times and magnitude of high tides.

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