Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Staten Island: FEMA Center Closed "Due to Weather"

Photo: DNAinfo
FEMA continues to live down to my expectations. From DNAinfo:

A FEMA disaster recovery center in a Hurricane Sandy-ravaged corner of Staten Island that was supposed to provide shelter, food and assistance to hurricane victims Wednesday morning went MIA, posting a sign saying that they were closed due to the approaching nor'easter.

The front doors of the disaster recovery center, which is housed inside the Mount Lorretto Catholic Youth Organization, were unlocked, but there was no staff anywhere in sight for at least a half an hour.

A set of buses which served as a pair of warming centers at the site for the past several days were missing, according to non-FEMA volunteers who continued to hand out supplies from a nearby building despite the storm.

Volunteers at a nearby donation distribution center said the buses vanished on Wednesday.

“FEMA packed up and left,” said Louis Giraldi, 47, a volunteer handing out cleaning supplies to victims.

Meanwhile (see photo below), volunteers rushed to provide clothing and supplies to New Yorkers ahead of the Nor'Easter.
Photo courtesy: Ginger Zee via AccuWeather

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