Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nor'Easter Cranking Up

This rainbow of colors represents the National Weather Service's latest warnings and watches. Ice pellets are falling in D.C. Pink is a winter storm warning for 2-6" of snow in Philadelphia. Some snow accumulation is likely in NYC.

The gold is a high wind warning, which extends to Massachusetts. Winds are currently gusting to 51 mph at Nantucket and 35 mph in Boston. Speeds will increase during the day. The salmon color (off the coast) is a hurricane-force wind warning and the deep purple is a marine storm warning (the category below hurricane).

Coastal flooding will occur in many areas.

The storm will delay power restoration and will add to the misery of so many suffering from Hurricane Sandy. 

AccuWeather has more details here.

Addition: Courtesy of Greg Carbin, here is a map of winds forecast overnight.
Those are sustained winds of 60 mph at the southeast end of Long Island with higher gusts!

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