Thursday, October 11, 2012

Three Stormy Days

It looks like we have three consecutive days with severe thunderstorms (large hail and/or damaging winds) or tornadoes coming up.


A small area has 15% (which is the significant threshold) probabilities of large hail (1" or larger) starting this evening.


In addition to severe thunderstorms, tornadoes are possible. High school football games are a concern. If you are planning to attend a game, make sure you have a source of weather information. Lightning is also a danger.


There are still some uncertainty about how the winds in the lower 5,000 of the atmosphere will evolve. If they become southerly enough, there could be widespread tornadoes. In this case, college football games are a potential concern as there are a number being played in the threat area which extends from Minneapolis to Chicago to St. Louis to Dallas-Ft. Worth.

The good news is that needed rain will fall in a number of these areas as shown on the three-day outlook:

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