Saturday, October 13, 2012

Disappointing Storm Chase

While it was a nice country drive on an autumn afternoon, didn't see as much as I thought we would. Kathleen driving over a snake was the most "exciting" moment.  Still, there are some things I thought you'd like to see.

The first storm we intercepted west of Wellington spun up a couple of rapidly-rotating funnels that stayed well off the ground -- the best kind.  The funnel here is just above and left of the center of the photo.

Many people don't know cotton is grown in Kansas. Here is a thunderstorm developing over a Kansas cotton field north of Viola.

I was also field testing the new SkyGuard® Online for AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions. In the background is a strong thunderstorm moving into Wichita. The dot in the center is my location and you can see our warning for lightning in the upper part of the screen that corresponds to the thunderstorm in the background.  It worked quite well.

I think the reason we didn't see more widespread strong storms in Kansas is because the deeper moisture was wrung out by the storms in Oklahoma. The air mass was so moist I didn't think that would matter but it probably did.

If you followed my Twitter feed of the chase, I hope you enjoyed "armchair storm chasing."

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