Friday, December 16, 2011

More on the Predicted Winter Storm in the Plains

Here is the forecast snow/rain radar for 9pm Monday evening:
Winterized radar at 9pm Monday evening.
Blue arrows = thunderstorms. Purple = heavy snow. Click to enlarge. 
And, for 6am Tuesday
6am Tuesday. Same legend as above.
Note the precipitation in northern Kansas is rain, not snow. 
And, total snow amounts (click to enlarge):
Click to enlarge.
The snow associated with the first of the week storm extends from northeast New Mexico to near KC then east to between the Ohio River and Great Lakes. Legend at right.

The first snow of the season often causes more than its share of troubles, so prepare accordingly.

AccuWeather has been all over this one: Great work, Guys! Thanks to Ryan Maue for the nice graphic depiction of the computer models.

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