Friday, December 23, 2011

Gearing Up for Tornado Season 2012, Part 1

One of the things discussed at last week's Weather Ready Nation Conference was an idea to enhance your safety during tornadoes by wearing bicycle/motorcycle helmets and putting children in car seats. Here is more from The Birmingham News


  1. Thanks for posting this article. I think the helmet/car seat idea is one that should be more heavily promoted because a lot of people simply have not thought of it. I didn't think of it until recently myself.

    Several months ago I listened to the "High Instability" podcast featuring Dr. Jason Persoff, a physician and storm chaser who happened to be in Joplin when that tornado hit, and stopped his chase to help treat injured patients. (His blog, The Storm Doctor, includes a must-read account of his experience)

    What Dr. Persoff said in this podcast that stuck with me was (if I remember correctly) that almost EVERY single patient he saw had some kind of head injury -- most commonly a profusely bleeding gash in the forehead. For some it was the only wound they had and it was minor, others had much more serious wounds in addition, but they all had head injuries.

    The bottom line is that anything you can do to protect your head in a tornado situation is a good thing.


  2. Thanks Elaine, excellent comment.

    Here is Dr. Persoff's posting:


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