Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Was There -- Chiefs Lost

Christmas Day, 40 years ago at this time, I was with my family at Kansas City's Municipal Stadium to watch the Chiefs lose a playoff game to the Dolphins in the sixth period.

I have always thought that game was the beginning of the end of the Chiefs' dynasty. They were one of the dominant teams in the 1960's and they played in Super Bowls I and IV, and winning the latter.

The NFL Channel will have a one-hour special on the nearly six hour game tonight at 6pm Eastern.
Because of the numerous opportunities to win, the memories of that afternoon that stretched into evening are so painful I don't know whether I'll be able to watch.

UPDATE: Well, well worth viewing even though it was extremely painful.

It was nice to see the rumor confirmed that one of Jan Stenerud's missed kicks was supposed to be a fake and the ball was mis-snapped to Len Dawson (the holder). Highly recommended viewing.


  1. Mike, I was there too as a 9 year old Packer fan. I wish I remembered more of it.

  2. Yeah, remember that one well. Felt bad for Ed Podolack - he ran his heart out that day.