Today's Storms

We have a tornado watch in effect until 1pm in Mississippi and Louisiana:

The strong thunderstorms are expected to spread east today. This is the tornado probability with the brown-tint an area where you should keep up on the weather. Note it includes Atlanta -- and the Atlanta Airport.

In the Rockies and High Plains, it is snow.

Denver has received 7" of snow and parts of Boulder County north of Denver more than a foot. There are 1 hour, 15 minute delays at Denver International Airport. This will be a regional storm affecting mostly Colorado and New Mexico. Amounts out into the low Plains will only be an inch or less.


  1. Yes, definitely a Front Range and Urban Corridor storm. The Divide and Summit County are reporting < 6" of new snow.

    Keep up the great work! I stumbled upon your blog by accident. I used to follow Dr. Masters blog on Weather Underground, but his blog has devolved to a Global Warming/Climate Change blog.


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