Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Morning Storm Update

The multifaceted winter storm continues to develop. The earlier forecasts seem to be on track. Now, I'd like to fill in some details and answer some questions that have been received during the night.

Severe Weather
Yes, some is possible with this storm. Damaging winds and hail are possible with a very slight chance of a relatively weak tornado or two.
AccuWeather has more on the severe thunderstorm threat.

Precipitation Amounts
More beneficial moisture will occur with this weather system.

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Of course, with next week being a period with more than usual travel, everyone is interested in the snow. The basic track and magnitude of the storm seem fairly clear at this point with the usual caveat that things could easily shift 50 mi. or so in either direction, especially since the snow isn't predicted to begin until Monday.

Let's begin with a probability of one inch or more map. Just pick out your location and compare it to the scale. That will tell you what the likelihood of an inch or more of snow at your point of interest. Note: These forecasts end at 6am Tuesday. In the eastern part of the forecast area, additional snow may fall after that time.
Probability of one inch or more of snow. 

Now, the probability of 4" or more.

Finally, the probability of 8" or more.
So, there you have it. This should get a lot of people into the Christmas spirit.

I'll do another complete update tomorrow morning. In the meantime, check back from time to time. In addition to my regular postings, I'll post anything more about the storm that I think is important.

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