"I'm Dreaming of Homeland Security Snow Cones"

Speaking of frozen water (see snow post immediately below): Every time you think the whole homeland "security" realm cannot get more bizarre, someone ups the ante. When most people are thinking about a White Christmas, Michigan homeland security is thinking of -- yes -- snow cones.

The Daily News was able to confirm that the the snow-cone machines were funded by a grant from the Michigan Homeland Security Program, but nobody seems to have had a good answer for the "appropriate use" question, surprisingly enough. 

So, with the U.S.'s terrible budget deficit, we learn that this was an essential expenditure because of this essential use of the snow cone machines:

According to the report, "Feldpausch [also] said the machine could be useful at the scene of a large fire."

I can just see the courageous firefighters lobbing snow cones into the large fire.

If you want more chilling details, click here.


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