A Modest Proposal to Climate Science

From WattsUpWithThat:

In this regard, a modest proposal. Could climate scientists please just stop predicting stuff for maybe say one year? In no other field of scientific endeavor is every finding surrounded by predictions that this “could” or “might” or “possibly” or “perhaps” will lead to something catastrophic in ten or thirty or a hundred years. Could I ask that for one short year, that climate scientists actually study the various climate phenomena, rather than try to forecast their future changes? We still are a long ways from understanding the climate, so could we just study the present and past climate, and leave the future alone for one year?
We have no practical reason to believe that the current crop of climate models have predictive capability. For example, none of them predicted the current 15-year or so hiatus in the warming. And as this paper shows, there is certainly no theoretical reason to think they have predictive capability.  [red emphasis mine, bolding in original]
Given that even the most extreme pro-GW scientists agree the warming has halted (although they disagree as to its significance, if any), and that the halt was completely unexpected, maybe Willis' suggestion has some merit. 


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