As I mentioned yesterday, Climategate 2 has broken.

Some background: Climategate 1 was the release of thousands of emails to and from the clique of climate researchers around the world who have been highly influential in the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Along with the emails was some computer code used in various climate projects.

Climategate 1 was important because it cast doubt on the science behind perhaps the most important argument of the pro-catastrophic global warming case: The "hockey stick." The hockey stick purported to show that temperatures are warmer now than they have been any time in the past 2,000 years. Climategate showed the "blade" of the hockey stick to be -- and, I'm being kind here -- an invention.

Climategate 1 also showed -- unquestionably -- the subversion of the scientific method by the leaders of the climate science 'cause' (see below). For me personally, this was the worst aspect of Climategate.

Climategate 2 broke yesterday with the release (I have no clue as to whether they were hacked or released by an insider, no one knows the answer to that with regard to Climategate 1, either) of thousands of newer emails. Based on the very limited number of emails I have reviewed, the following seem clear:

  • This crew was in no way chastised when its anti-science behavior was exposed in Climategate 1.
  • They refer to promoting the religion of catastrophic global warming as "the cause." That phrase shows up in multiple locations.
  • And, in spite of what you are likely to read in the mainstream media, Climategate 2 clearly casts even more doubt on the science itself.
All this said, I'm unlikely to get deeply into Climategate 2 because I have so many other things I'm involved in at the moment. Here is a fair news story on the latest developments. 

And, for more technical coverage, let me recommend a couple of good blogs to that are following this issue:


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