This is a How to Lift People Out of Poverty Story...

...not a political story. The advice is excellent regardless of who said it.

He added, "You go out and talk to people, as I do, you go out and talk to people who are really successful in one generation. They all started their first job between nine and 14 years of age. They all were either selling newspapers, going door to door, they were doing something, they were washing cars."
"They all learned how to make money at a very early age," he said. "What do we say to poor kids in poor neighborhoods? Don't do it. Remember all that stuff about don't get a hamburger flipping job? The worst possible advice you could give to poor children. Get any job that teaches you to show up on Monday. Get any job that teaches you to stay all day even if you are in a fight with your girlfriend. The whole process of making work worthwhile is central."

I started mowing lawns for $$ at 13. I was mowing lawns and working in a cafeteria kitchen at 15. I had a weather club that actually did weather reports on the #1 rated radio station in Kansas City at 16.  Many of the well-off people I know tell similar stories.


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