Farewell to Regis!

On a couple of occasions on this blog, I've had some good-natured fun with Regis.

I was not able to be home at 9am to watch his farewell show, so I taped it. It was a heartwarming, wonderful tribute to the man who has logged more hours on television than anyone else. If you taped it, be sure to watch the recording. You will not be disappointed.

Regis continues his book tour. Sold 505 copies at a B&N in NYC Wednesday (I'm jealous!).  He is in Atlanta and Miami this weekend.

Kelly takes over the show Monday and Kathleen and I wish her well.

God bless you, Regis and enjoy your retirement!

P.S. Early in the show, Ted Koppel does his imitation of Regis. He sounds more like Jackie Mason imitating Regis.  


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