Speaking of Private Jets...

...it is amazing how fast one's attitude toward the TSA changes when you have to sell your private jet and frequently have to fly commercial. The latest from Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill:

Now, if she and her colleagues would show the same concern for the rest of the flying public.

ADDITION: A friend emailed and reminded me that when McCaskill still had her private jet, she referred to the TSA searches as "love pats."

ADDITION #2: "I will not lift my skirt for you!" A story of a woman's experience with the TSA in Houston on Tuesday.


  1. There should be a law that our elected masters have to cope with any law they place on the rest of us. But who would make such a law?

  2. This is simply disgraceful. What on earth is happening in America. I was hoping to visit next year (as a tourist) but having read many articles about how the TSA treat people I think I will avoid coming. Very disappointing.

  3. @3:31pm: I can assure you the American people are very welcoming and thrilled to host visitors even if our government often is not.


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