Monday, December 7, 2009

"I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.”


That famous Glenn Reynolds quote comes to mind when I read this report about Copenhagen:

The airport says it is expecting up to 140 extra private jets during the peak period alone, so far over its capacity that the planes will have to fly off to regional airports – or to Sweden – to park, returning to Copenhagen to pick up their VIP passengers.

Hat tip:

UPDATE:  Anthony Watts calls it, "December 7, The Day that will Live in Hypocrisy"

His story focuses on the limousines bring brought in from as far away as Germany and Sweden, more than 1,200 in all! Number of electric cars?  5.  

ANOTHER GREAT LINE:  Taking a private jet to a conference on stopping global warming is a bit like traveling in a sedan chair carried by indentured servants to a summit on stopping human trafficking.

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