A Moral Question

Former Vice President Gore says we have a "moral obligation" to fight global warming.  This is headlined in The Wall Street Journal today:
BRUSSELS -- European Union countries on Friday agreed to provide €2.4 billion ($3.54 billion) a year over the next three years to help developing countries fight climate change. The EU estimates that a total of €7 billion a year is needed between 2010 and 2012 for this "fast-start" fund. The bloc is hoping that other countries, currently negotiating a global climate deal in Copenhagen, will provide the rest of this money.

Seven billion Euros roughly equals $10 billion per year.  This spending is proposed regardless of the overall uncertainty regarding climate science. With each day, more and more scientists agree the books have been "cooked."  One of the proposed solutions to "global warming" is "carbon trading."

How well is "carbon trading" working in Europe?  Here's another story from today's news:

Copenhagen climate summit: Carbon trading fraudsters in Europe pocket €5bn

Carbon trading fraudsters may have accounted for up to 90pc of all market activity in some European countries, with criminals pocketing an estimated €5bn (£4.5bn) mainly in Britain, France, Spain, Denmark and Holland, according to Europol, the European law enforcement agency.

From the UK Telegraph.

Now consider...

A million people per year, more often children than adults, die of malaria in Africa each year. The cost of effectively controlling malaria is less than $5/household.

Where should we invest our finite resources?  Since Mr. Gore says it is a "moral" issue, in what direction does your moral compass point?

Here is an an article about the Malaria problem. A scientific paper on the subject is here.


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