Winter Storm Update

UPDATE III, 9:55pm Tuesday:  Blizzard conditions appear likely in Kansas and Nebraska to the East of U.S. 81 starting during the morning Thursday (Christmas Eve).  

It also appears likely that travel on Interstate 35 between Kansas City and Oklahoma's U.S. 412/64 after noon Thursday into Christmas Day will be difficult, if not impossible.  The same will be true on U.S. 400 from Greensburg east to the Missouri border.  

Ice storm conditions may occur in Iowa.  With high winds, power outages are possible.  

AccuWeather has the latest on the major winter storm that will affect the Central U.S. WeatherData and AccuWeather partner on this decluttered, winterized radar display, available here.

There is also a possibility of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Coverage here. The NWS Storm Prediction Center issued this map of the probability of severe thunderstorms on Wednesday at 11:30am today.  Note:  30% is fairly high this time of year.

AccuWeather radar for the severe weather threat area is here.  Please keep up on the weather as this major storm develops.

Update IV, 11pm:  Here is an example of what meteorologists deal with when attempting to forecast snow amounts.  Below are screen captures of the National Weather Service's NAM model forecast based on the computer simulation using 6am data (left) and the noon data (right).  Now, look at Topeka, Kansas (click to enlarge).  Six inches with the early data, 18+ inches with the later data.  My house in Wichita is forecast to get less than an inch in the 6am model run and 12" in the later run!

It now appears the forecast of snow amounts on the right is the more likely outcome along with gusts to 50 mph across eastern Kansas, eastern Nebraska and northwest Missouri.  This is a dangerous winter storm.  



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