Danger, Danger

Turns out Dave Barry and my kids are skiing at the same time!  May I suggest everyone else keep far away?

One of Dave's commenters offers this expert advice, Keep the pointy end forward.

Dave says, Notice that I have chosen to hit a slope with an inclination of zero degrees. This is how we older veteran skiers avoid being attacked by gravity, of which there is a large quantity out here.


December 29, 2009


I went to the Miami Herald site this morning, and the main story was about the brutal cold wave hitting South Florida:
Today's high: 69 degrees. The wind chill values will make it feel as low as 44 degrees.
Here at the ski area on Pluto we would kill for it to feel like 44 degrees. We would take off our clothes and run around screaming naked. We do this anyway, but that's because of the rum.


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