Saturday, October 21, 2023

Rainfall Outlook for Next Week

Let's begin with weakening Hurricane Norma. It over the south part of the Baja Peninsula.
It is moving ENE and it winds will dissipate over Mexico's mountains Monday. But, the considerable Pacific moisture will survive and slowly move northeast. A second Pacific low pressure system (not shown) will follow behind it and give the central U.S. two periods of significant rain.

This is the rainfall expected for the upcoming week (until midnight Sunday, October 30). Of course, with this forecast extending a full week into the future, the rain area may move some in any direction. The rain is desperately needed in parts of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska (the rain will miss the worst of the drought area in Louisiana).  

The rain will be especially helpful to the 2024 winter wheat crop which is being planted now or has just been planted (depending on location) in the central and southern Great Plains.

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