Saturday, October 7, 2023

Energy: Now, What Do We Do?!

Some items from the past week. 
Earlier this week, a Georgia politician told me that one of the problems with nuclear is that the plants take a long time to construct (of course they do, we want them safe). Up to a point, that is true. What is her "solution"? Wind. Never mind that wind is highly unreliable and also expensive. Want proof? From Tuesday afternoon:
The USA already has too much wind energy. Its problems have been known for far longer than it takes to build a nuke (a piece from this blog from 2010). If politicians had not paid attention to the seductionary messages from the wind lobby, we would have solved the problem as the headline below (from Forbes) indicates. 

Below is a story, also from Tuesday, which highlights rapidly growing issues with wind energy.
In spite of massive subsidies for wind energy, new projects are falling apart from coast-to-coast. We desperately need more baseline (reliable) energy. It is best done by nuclear because it is carbon-free. But, we've done things as stupidly as possible up to this point. We need to stop additional installation of wind and go all-out for nuclear (next-gen, where possible) and hydro. 

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