Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Magical Thinking of Climate Alarmists

The Biden Administration has released its gift to the nation's attorneys in the form of a document called the "National Climate Resilience Framework." As I began paging through it, one paragraph immediately caught my attention. The Administration wants to require the following of businesses,
  • Require disclosure of climate risks. Accurate and broadly shared information on climate risks is essential for evaluation of private assets, well-functioning markets, and financial stability. By requiring disclosure of these risks where feasible and appropriate, Federal, State, Tribal, territorial, and local agencies can help investors make more climate-informed decisions and encourage companies to increase risk-mitigation efforts. For instance, a proposed rule by the Securities and Exchange Commission would require companies to disclose information on the risks that climate change poses to their strategies, business models, and outlooks, and to describe how they plan to manage these risks. Public and private funders (e.g., grantmaking agencies, venture capitalists) could attach similar risk- disclosure requirements to funding opportunities.

President Biden wants companies to forecast the weather years and decades into the future! And, if a company gets it wrong -- which is virtually guaranteed -- I'm certain the nation's attorneys will be more than happy to "hold them accountable." 

The "proposed rule" (since the pages are not numbered) appears to take about eighty pages to print. I cannot find any scientific method for making the weather forecasts that will be needed comply to disclose the weather-related risks and how they will be "managed." Right now, weather science cannot provide consistently skillful 90-day forecasts. We have no way whatever to make 4 or 40 year forecasts. 

As global warming morphs from a scientific concern to one centered around power and money, the amount of magical thinking (in this case, that we can forecast the weather years in the future) has increased exponentially. 

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