Monday, October 30, 2023

Otis' Devastation in Acapulco

Here is a satellite view of the utter devastation from Hurricane Otis on Acapulco. 
You will find much more information here. The death toll is now 100. If true, it is a miracle it is so low given a Cat 5 hurricane in densely populated area of one million. 

Reports indicate the humanitarian situation is rapidly deteriorating. I would like to recommend a charity but the usual suspects (International Salvation Army, Catholic Relief Services, etc.) are not highlighting their efforts in Acapulco. If I find that something changes, I will let you know. 

-- Additional Info --

Here is the wind speed data from the Mexican government. I believe this was from the Acapulco Airport. 
Peak gust was 205 mph with peak sustained winds of 114 mph. I believe the eye would be a vertical line drawn through the "i" in the background. 

Hat Tip: Cody Fields

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