Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Scientific Malpractice: NOAA's "Billion Dollar Disasters"

From Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. .....

This is a topic covered on this blog since 2019:

A story linked to by Dr. Pielke quotes attorney and activist Monica Medina explaining that she was one of the originators of this terrible idea. 

Here is the issue: A "disaster" is a single event. The Maui Fire was a billion-dollar disaster. The Camp Fire (CA) was a billion-dollar disaster. The Joplin Tornado was a billion-dollar disaster. Gathering disparate events over four days does not a billion dollar disaster make. The purpose of these is to convince people that disasters are becoming more numerous and worse -- even though there is no genuine evidence that is true. 

Unfortunately, NOAA used to be above this sort of thing. It is unfortunate everything in Washington has become so politicized. 

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