Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Happy Broderick Crawford Day!!

It is 10-4. 
Broderick Crawford
For those of us of a certain age, 10-4 brings back wonderful memories of the television show Highway Patrol which ran from 1955 to 1959.  It began with a memorable theme song. 

It starred Broderick Crawford, an Oscar-winning actor, who made the transition to television (rare in those days). He played Dan Mathews -- a gruff, tough California Highway Patrol captain. While his acting skills were (obviously) Oscar-worthy, his most memorable line was the radio call-sign for "received and understood"..... 10-4!

While I don't think it was originally intended, the line became synonymous with the show.
Highway Patrol is running on METV.

On this Broderick Crawford Day, the federal government is going to mess up a perfectly nice day with a pointless activation of our smartphones, televisions, etc., at 2:20pm EDT. Based on the results of previous tests, it is evident they are doing this simply because they can.

When Highway Patrol was in its first run, the federal government was tiny when compared to today's. And, they were good at what they did. They would have never thought of hijacking our devices (remember, we own them) just because they could -- they had much more respect for their fellow citizens.

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