Monday, October 9, 2023

Electric Autos: The Potential For Catastrophe

In London's Telegraph, Allison Pearson has written an insightful piece about the negatives of electric vehicles (EV) -- some of which hadn't occurred to me. Personally? I would never purchase an electric car. 

London Luton Airport Parking Facility EV Fire
With so many major events in world news the last few weeks, the giant car fire -- almost certainly started by an EV -- destroyed more than 1,400 autos and destroyed the multi-story parking facility. Ms. Pearson brings up, "what happens when this occurs in the Channel Tunnel (the tunnel connecting England and France)?" The results will be catastrophic: hundreds dead, the tunnel likely destroyed, and both nations taking a significant hit. It would take at least a decade to recover.

But, the threat isn't confined to Europe. What happens if an EV busts into flames in NYC's Holland Tunnel? Or, on the Golden Gate Bridge?
Holland Tunnel
Your EV may burn your home down. Even if it doesn't, its resale value is likely (in Allison's word) risible.
Ford has stopped production of its electric F-150 pickup as inventory piles up on dealer's lots. And, it isn't just Ford.

Hybrids are great. Think twice before you buy a totally electric car. 

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