Thursday, October 19, 2023

#17 Most Popular Book About Weather!

Highlights of the most recent two reviews at Amazon:

Tornados have always interested me, so I ordered this book to learn more about the history of tornados, meteorology, and storm warnings. We've come so far since the 1950s, and it's an incredible story! Very well explained, I thought, and easy to understand...

I bought the book in Kindle format some years ago. However, I love a real book and this book is worth reading over again. It is a great look into the history and evolution of the NWS storm warning system and highlights just how important this function is to the citizens of the US. A fascinating read, don't miss out on it.

An all-true book that explains the evolution of the extreme weather warning system in the United States told in story form. You can get it at your local book store or order from Amazon

Warnings, according to one list, is the #17 most popular "weather" book of the millennium. If you enjoy this blog, you are certain to enjoy my book. 

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