Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Gerson Has Led a REALLY Sheltered Life

In addition to his awful performance during COVID and AIDS, he -- literally -- tortured beagles

Want to know about great public servants? How about the National Weather Service employees who literally move into their offices when hurricanes threaten and don't see their families for days during extremely stressful weather while working 18 hour days with just six hours for sleep? 

Fauci and his wife got $5 million richer during the pandemic. National Weather Service field employees make upper-middle class salaries. 

This is not to mention federal wildfire teams, military people deployed in remote areas, or border guards in the extreme heat of the Southwest's summer and many, many others. 
I believe Gerson suffers from living inside the Beltway for too many years. There are far more meritorious people than Dr. Fauci. 

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