Why You Need StormWarn!

There has just been a regional tornado outbreak in southeast Wisconsin less than two hours after a forecast of "no tornadoes" was issued by the National Weather Service. 
The above forecast was issued by the NWS's Storm Prediction Center at 11:48am. The green area has a 2% risk of tornadoes. Elsewhere, the forecast was for no risk. 

However, less than an hour later, a regional outbreak of tornadoes began in southeast Wisconsin. 
Each of the red triangles represents the location of a tornado. 

Tornadoes can be tricky to forecast. My purpose is not to criticize the National Weather Service. My goal is to illustrate why you need a tool -- StormWarn -- that will inform you that you are in danger when you are in the path of a tornado or damaging thunderstorm warnings of 80 mph or more. 

StormWarn will ring your phones when you are in the direct path of a tornado even if you are asleep in the middle of the night. The great thing is it will not warn you unless you are in the direct path -- no more loss of sleep due to hail warnings from a weather radio or for a storm 30 miles away.

For about $2 per month, get amazing peace of mind. You can sign up here. Do it today!


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