The White House is Focusing on Global Warming....ART?!

War in the Ukraine with nuclear weapons' use threatened. The strategic oil reserve at the lowest level since it was first filled. China and North Korea saber rattling. Inflation through the roof. Burgeoning federal deficit.

So, what is the White House focusing on? Global!
Lubchenco is a marine scientist (who know little about how the atmosphere operates) who formerly ran NOAA and, like almost all of the NOAA administrators of this century, neglected the National Weather Service. She now works for the White House climate office. 

Lubchenco was recently involved in a major scientific scandal involving a conflict of interest. 

So, it is probably not surprising the White House wants this global warming stunt to take the 'heat 'off their climate office. Still, it is absurd for federal dollars to be spent on this stunt given the issues facing our nation and the White House at this time. 


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