Today's Tornado Outlook

What a busy day! Please see postings about the eclipse and meteorologist etiquette below.

I recommend keeping up on the latest weather information in the areas outlined below. The AccuWeather app has already correctly gone off for me once this morning. 

There is a significant tornado risk today over parts of Kansas and Missouri, including the Greater Kansas City area. Since this is out of season, please make sure your friends/family are aware.
The brown, 5%, is the area of significant risk.

Accompanying the tornado risk is a risk of giant hail in the hatched area.
The map shows the probability of hail 1" or larger in diameter. Yellow, 15%, is significant on this chart. The red is 30%, which is an enhanced risk. The hatching is where the hail is forecast to be 2" or larger.

I recommend putting away anything that could be damaged by hail, especially your car.


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