Practical Progress in Weather Science

Earlier this afternoon, I tweeted ( @usweatherexpert ) the item immediately below.

We now have objective methods of determining rotation and how that rotation might translate to
damaging thunderstorm winds. You see the risk area concentrated, shortly after my tweet, around Andover, Kansas.

The tweet below is from Brandon Ivey. There is a lot of similar tree and fence damage in Andover and
the surrounding area, which occurred about 3:45pm.

The same thunderstorm moved into the Eureka, Kansas, area where it caused damage that was more severe.

Meanwhile, the area marked "H" on the tweet did not cause significant wind damage, at least to my knowledge.

None of this is to praise me. It is to praise all of the meteorologists who have worked so hard to learn these things about the atmosphere and then apply them to the benefit of society. I especially want to single out my AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions colleagues this afternoon for some great storm warnings.


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