Latest on Tropical Depression Harvey

Here is the National Hurricane's Center forecast for what is now tropical depression Harvey. I have
added an "H" at the location where the storm is forecast to be a minimal (in terms of wind speed) hurricane just before landfall. There could be a few tornadoes with this system. As the soils saturate due to the excessive rainfalls with this system, trees may uproot causing power failures in some areas.

The map shows the system, weakened to tropical storm strength, hovering around the Texas coast. This slow movement is a recipe for severe to catastrophic flooding. The European model (below)
shows widespread 15 to 20 inch total rainfalls over the Houston metropolitan area. In addition, there is a storm surge watch for the indicated areas along the Texas coast.
A storm surge of up to 4-6 feet above sea level may occur as Harvey makes landfall.

As to preparations: Be prepared to evacuate, because of rising waters, on short notice. You may wish to load the car in advance with essentials. This includes any family heirlooms.

I would obtain extra cash (ATM's and cash registers do not work during power failures) and fill my car with fuel. Fresh batteries are essential along with a flashlight. If you live in a flood-prone area, make a reservation at a hotel and know your escape route.


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