7:30am Update: T.S. Harvey

AccuWeather is estimating the storm's total damage will approach $160 billion which would be nearly the cost of Sandy and Katrina combined. Our team points out that is 0.8% of the U.S. economy. Details at the link.

Harvey is a tropical storm near Lake Charles, LA. Radar is from 7:29am with the arrow pointing to the center of the storm, now moving northeast.
Greens are flash flood warnings. While the rain has cleared The Woodlands - Houston - Galveston, torrential rains have occurred during the night in the Beaumont-Port Arthur-Orange area where much of the USA's oil and chemical plants are located. Even when the floodwaters go down, highways and rail tracks are going to have to be inspected and, in some cases, rebuilt. AccuWeather has more details.

The human toll is nearly inconceivable. This morning's Wall Street Journal (paywall removed) has that aspect of the story.

Over the next three days, the storm is going to finally move northeast and weaken.
S= tropical storm strength (the extend of ~40 mph or strong winds in orange at 7am). D=tropical depression. D in white = the storm's center but no longer has tropical effects (a different to meteorologists only). The storm should be dissipated as a wind maker at that point or shortly after.


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