On Behalf of 100% of the Men and Women Who Worked So Hard to Get That Degree....

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...it is insulting to call a meteorologist a "weatherman" or "weather girl." Please, please don't, especially to women meteorologists.

Also on behalf of 100% of meteorologists...

I was in a business lunch today and a split second after the waitress put our plates on the table, a 'gentleman' maneuvered between the waitress, the serving cart and a support pole to get within 6" of our table. "I have a question about radar!," he said as he leaned over us. And, for the next five (literally) minutes (while my food was getting cold) complained about The Weather Channel's radar (they are a competitor, I don't know anything about them) and couldn't understand why thunderstorms can move in different directions rather than always moving in the same direction (higher thunderstorms are steered by different winds than less tall thunderstorms).

Just about every meteorologist I know who is in the public eye has similar, sometimes frequent, stories of this nature.

Yes, meteorologists attempt to be public-spirited and, yes, want to help when we can. But, barging into someone's lunch is just rude and continuing to ask multiple questions when people are waiting to eat and resume a conversation is extremely rude. Please don't.


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